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Triggers are a part of life, without them we would not be able to pinpoint and heal the parts of us that need attention and healing. Triggers happen to us within our relationships; between friends, significant others, family members, at work and even with complete strangers. ⠀ Instead of asking yourself why this is happening to you or what the other persons problem is. Shift inward, Ask: “What is this trying to teach me?” Every soul that enters into our life is for a specific reason and season. If you have someone in your life that triggers negative emotions within you, they are simply a mirror to deep seeded, unhealed emotional traumas that you need to recognize, accept and heal. Listen to the messages that are being sent to you through pain, experiences and situations. Once you become mindful of your emotions around certain triggers, you will start to experience them in a different way. Your new found self-awareness will help you to move forward and you will naturally release these emotions. After mastering this process, you will start to feel so much lighter.

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