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Becoming aware of how your body feels when you're around certain people and/or places, situations is an art form. This awareness comes once when we realize that we are in control of our emotions. Unfortunately, not everyone has your best interest at heart, this can include friends, and family members. Energy never lies, so learn to trust the vibes you get and readjust your soul-circle. If you feel drained, anxious, on edge and just not like your self - those are not your people. The same goes for places and situations. If you don't feel good, it's ok to cancel that plan or simply say "no, thank you" to hanging out with certain people. Trust me that they won't stay offended for as long as you will feel crappy about doing something or hanging out with people that lower your vibration.

Learn to embrace those that make you feel you feel alive, inspire you, and as Marie Kondo says "spark joy". If people don't spark joy in you, its time to re-think that relationship/friendship. Its important to not let yourself simply hangout with people just to not feel "lonely". Theres a saying in Spanish that my mom always says "Its better to be alone than in bad company". Nothing could be more true.

If it costs you your peace, than its too expensive. Love yourself first and foremost; Protect your energy, always. Remember, your vibe attracts your tribe; so make sure your Vibing high and staying away from those energy vampires.

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