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Lavender is a calming herb that relieves stress, anxiety, and calms the fluttering heart. Place the sachet of dried lavender buds near your pillow to help you sleep at night. You can also keep it in your purse, on your desk, or on your altar to keep calm throughout the day.

Amethyst is a purification and a cleansing stone. It is a great stone to have in a new space to rid of past energies. Amethyst is also a nice meditation companion, clearing your mind, body & soul. It accelerates the development of intuitive & psychic abilities. Amethyst aids in breaking habits. 

Palo Santo, also known as Holy Wood, is a wonderful daily smudge. Its scent is not overwhelming and the smudge settles nicely in any space. Bur Palo Santo to brin gin positive energy, healing, and guidance.

Cedar is a harmony herb that brings peace and serenity into any space. Burn Cedar to break any blockages that is creating miscommunication and hurt feelings.

Use the included Abalone Shell to burn your smudge and to keep your herbs and crystals sacred and protected while walking around a space.

Mystics Muse Smudge Kit

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