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A teeny tiny smudge kit for cleansing on the go!

Small selenite wand, palo santo, and sweetgrass bundle nestled in a pink abalone shell is the perfect way to smudge while out and about.This teeny smudge kit is great thoughtful gift.

SELENITE: Named for the Monn Goddess Selena. This cooling stone instills deep peace, brings light, clears confusion and is also a great cleansing tool for objects, energy centers, and other crystals. Selenite's energy clears etheric blockages and debris, allowing for a free flow of energy that facilitates connection and communication with the Higher Self. This stone is best used for clearing energetic fields. It can also be used to direct high frequency energy to the body.

PALO SANTO:  Also known as "Holy Wood", is a wonderful daily smudge. It's scent is light, not overwhelming, and settles nicely. Uplifts moods, purifies self, space, objects and clears negative energies. Assists in remedying common colds, headaches and supports the immune system. 

SWEETGRASS: Also known as "Holy Grass", promotes happiness, open heartedness, harmony and brings in positivity. Sweetgrass is a sacred plant like sage that has long been used in Native American smudging ceremonies.  Sweetgrass is also very protective and acts as a shield.


Pro Tip: Use Sage to remove any unwanted energies and then follow up with Sweetgrass to invite in positive energy. 

*Each kit slightly varies in size but are no bigger than the palm of your hand.

Tiny Smudge Kit

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