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Sofia is the Founder of Mindful Bliss Tribe™, a growing 

movement and a place for spiritual healing, cleansing, and chakra/energy 

balancing, Sofia is a Soul-Transformational Coach, Energy + Sound Healer as well as a natural born, gifted Intuitive and empathic advisor.

Sofia has spent years transforming her life and stepping into her true authentic self. After experiencing a traumatic relationship she made the decision to dive inward and began her Spiritual journey to enlightenment and emotional healing. She has spent years researching and learning everything about energy healing (Theta Healing, Crystal Healing, Reiki), Narcissist Recovery healing and studying A Course in Miracles. 

However, it wasn't until after her life-changing trip to Sedona, Arizona where Sofia met her now life-long mentor, teacher and Spiritual Guru introduced by her life-long best friend, that she realized that her outside world, circumstances and experiences were all a reflection of un-healed trauma within her and karmic cycles from past lives. It is then that she embarked on a journey of a lifetime to recovery and healing. Albeit, some days are hard as the shedding of layers and painful traumas from  past  lives  can prove difficult, through forgiveness, gratitude, surrendering, meditation and emotional self mastery. Sofia has a gorgeous son that is her number one priority; she knows how important self-care is especially as a mom. Being emotionally healthy, empowered and focusing on healing inner traumas is so vital in raising emotionally strong children. 


During her life altering soul journey, the light shined so brightly and she came to realize that this was her biggest blessing as it woke her up to her purpose in this life. All of these experiences have helped her to awaken a passion to help people become aware of their own personal power.  She aims to help them activate their own inner light to use for their individual healing and growth – something that sparks magic within her and radiates to the outside.  Sofia has been called as a Lightworker, to help others who are searching for healing, transformation and empowerment; through her energy work, experience and natural gift of healing abilities, she invites you to answer your call. It's time to Activate Your Inner Magic, live the life that you were meant to live and set yourself free. 

Sofia introduces people to the tools necessary in releasing bad habits, clearing energy blocks, releasing emotional pain, overcoming financial blocks, and how to heal themselves to cultivate a life they love.  She loves talking about manifesting, the healing power of crystals, and all things high-vibe. 


She believes that everyone can live a fulfilled and abundant life, as she is living proof that by changing your energy and by raising your vibration you too can change your life, live your truth, and attract everything you desire. 

Her Mantra:

"Protect your peace. Get rid of toxicity. Cleanse your spirit. Cultivate love." - Brittany Josephina

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